What is Awareness Ribbons, and why do we wear them?

Our Awareness ribbons are standardised into a short piece of coloured satin ribbon that is heat cut, and folded into a loop.  It is then pinned with a small brass pin,  on the front of your shirt, or lapel. We wear the awareness ribbon in an eye catching manor to create awareness or in support of a cause or issue we feel deeply about.

There are a myriad of different colours and colour combinations that is linked to specific causes, for different South African awareness days throughout the year

Awareness ribbons colours and meanings

Are you supporting a worthy cause?

popular awareness ribbon causes

Light Pink ribbon represents
Breast Cancer Awareness
(Month of October)

breast cancer awareness ribbon

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White ribbon represents
ending men’s violence
against women
white awareness ribbon

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Red ribbon represents
HIV/Aids awareness 

aids awareness ribbons

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A Short History of the Awareness Ribbon

How did a little folded ribbon become the universal token for so many causes and organizations?. It turns out that wearing ribbons for a cause has a very controversial past.  Let’s look into a short history of the awareness ribbon.

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awareness ribbons history